virtual library

What is virtual library?

virtual library meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A “library without walls” in which the collections do not exist on paper, microform, or other tangible form at a physical location but are electronically accessible in digital format via computer networks. Such libraries exist only on a very limited scale, but in most traditional print-based libraries in the United States, catalogs and periodical indexes are available online, and some periodicals and reference works may be available in electronic full-text. Some libraries and library systems call themselves “virtual” because they offer online services (example: Colorado Virtual Library).The term digital library is more appropriate because virtual (borrowed from “virtual reality“) suggests that the experience of using such a library is not the same as the “real” thing when in fact the experience of reading or viewing a document on a computer screen may be qualitatively different from reading the same publication in print, but the information content is the same regardless of format.


reference: ABC-CLIO