What is Value ?

Value is (noun) 1. an amount of money which something is worth the fall in the value of the yen He imported goods to the value of £500. Items of value can be deposited in the hotel safe overnight. to rise in value to become worth more to fall in value to become worth less Houses have fallen in value in some parts of the country. good value (for money) a bargain, something which is worth the price paid for it That restaurant gives value for money. Holidays in Italy are good value because of the exchange rate. 2. a quantity shown as a number What is the pressure value at the moment? 3. of practical value useful The gadget is of no practical value at all. (verb) 1. to estimate the value of something in money The jewels have been valued at £5000. 2. to consider something as being valuable She values her friendship with him.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level