Unsportsmanlike Conduct

What is Unsportsmanlike Conduct?

Unsportsmanlike Conduct meaning Just as the name implies, behavior that is not sportsmanlike. For instance, you cannot run up to a player just as they are kicking the ball and yell/scream at them in an attempt to make them mess up. Unsporting behavior is not confined to the field of play either! For a sideline to cheer a negative event happening to their opponents would be considered unsportsmanlike. An example would be a penalty kick. If an opposing team has a penalty kick against your team and your goalkeeper makes a good save, then it is appropriate to cheer that save. However if the opposing kicker misses the goal, you can be happy that you weren’t scored on, but to cheer the player’s miss would be to cheer a negative event.


reference: NC Youth Soccer: Soccer Glossary. Words and terms of the game