What is Taste ?

Taste is (noun) 1. one of the five senses, by which you can tell differences of flavour between things you eat, using your tongue I’ve got a cold, so I’ve lost all sense of taste. 2. a flavour of something that you eat or drink The pudding has a funny or strange taste. Do you like the taste of garlic? This milk shake has no taste at all. 3. being able to appreciate things that are beautiful My taste in music is quite different from hers. I don’t share his taste for bright green shirts. She showed great taste in furnishing her dining room. to someone’s taste what someone likes Modern jazz is not to everyone’s taste. she has very expensive tastes she likes buying expensive things 4. an experience of something that you are not used to This is a taste of what the country will be like under the new ruler. he’s had a taste of prison he has been in prison once (verb) 1. to notice the taste of something with your tongue Can you taste the onions in this soup? She’s got a cold so she can’t taste anything. 2. to have a certain taste This cake tastes of soap. What is this green stuff? It tastes like cabbage. The pudding tastes very good. 3. to try food or drink to see if you like it Would you like to taste the wine? She asked if she could taste the cheese before buying it.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level