Tango Uniform

What is Tango Uniform?

Tango Uniform meaning in Military or Military Slang terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
(U.S.) NATO phonetic alphabet for “Tits Up” also used by the FCC, FAA and DOD to mean killed or destroyed. (Alternative more polite translation: “Toes Up”).(U.S. Army & U.S. Marine Corps) Not in optimal condition. (e.g., The HUMVEE went Tango Uniform before we even arrived.).(U.S. Air Force) Dead drunk.(U.S.) Object Inverted. (Upside Down) (e.g., ‘I’m turning the plane Tango Uniform to get a better look.’) May be used in a more vulgar fashion as “Tits Up”


reference: Glossary of military slang