What is Stroke ?

Stroke is (noun) 1. a gentle touch with your hand She gave the dog a stroke. 2. a serious medical condition in which someone suddenly becomes unconscious, caused by a blood clot in the brain He was paralysed after his stroke. She had a stroke and died. 3. a movement made with some- thing such as a pen or brush which makes a line She can draw a cartoon with just a few strokes of the pen. 4. the act of hitting some- thing such as a ball It took him three strokes to get the ball onto the green. to put someone off his stroke to take some- one’s attention away from what they are do- ing, so that they make a mistake People kept on shouting while the minister was speaking and that put him off his stroke. 5. a sound made when hitting something such as a bell on the stroke of midnight when the clocks are striking twelve 6. stroke of luck piece of luck I had a stroke of luck yester- day – I found my wallet which I thought I had lost. It was a stroke of luck that you hap- pened to come along at that moment. stroke of work action of working He has- n’t done a stroke of work all day. 7. astyle of swimming She won the 200m breast stroke. 8. (in a rowing boat.) the person who sits at the back of the boat and controls how fast the others row.(verb) to run your hands gently over She was stroking the cat as it sat in her lap. Synonym caress


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level