What is Stitch ?

Stitch is (noun) 1. a little loop of thread made with a needle in sewing or with knitting needles when knitting She used very small stitches in her embroidery. Very fine wool will give you more stitches than in the pattern. 2. clothes not a stitch to wear nothing suitable to wear How can I go to the party – I haven’t a stitch to wear. with not a stitch on completely naked I can’t come now, I haven’t a stitch on. 3. a small loop of thread used by a surgeon to attach the sides of a wound together to help it to heal She had three stitches in her arm. Come back in ten days’ time to have the stitches re- moved. 4. a sharp pain caused by cramp in the side of the body after you have been run- ning I can’t go any further – I’ve got a stitch. 5. in stitches laughing out loud His story about the school play had us all in stitches.(verb) 1. to attach something with a needle and thread She stitched the badge to his jacket. 2. to sew the sides of a wound to- gether After the operation, the surgeon stitched the wound. His finger was cut off in an accident and the surgeon tried to stitch it back on.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level