What is Still ?

Still is (adj) 1. not moving Stand still while I take the photo. There was no wind, and the surface of the lake was completely still. 2. (of drinks) not fizzy Can I have a glass of still mineral water, please?(adv) 1. continuing until now; which continued until then I thought he had left, but I see he’s still there. They came for lunch and were still sitting at the table at eight o’clock in the evening. Weeks afterwards, they’re still talking about the accident. 2. used with com- paratives to emphasise We’ve had a cold autumn, but they expect the winter will be colder still. still more even more There were at least ten thousand people in the foot- ball stadium and still more queuing to get in. 3. in spite of everything It wasn’t sunny for the picnic – still, it didn’t rain. He still in- sisted on going on holiday even though he had broken his leg.(noun) one picture from a moving film The biography is illustrated with stills from some of her most famous films.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level