What is Stick ?

Stick is (noun) 1. a thin piece of wood He jabbed a pointed stick into the hole. I need a strong stick to tie this plant to. 2. a thin branch of a tree 3. anything long and thin a stick of celery a stick of chewing gum(verb) 1. to attach with glue Can you stick the pieces of the cup together again? She stuck the stamp on the letter. They stuck a poster on the door. 2. to be fixed or not to be able to move The car was stuck in the mud. The door sticks – you need to push it hard to open it. The cake will stick if you don’t grease the tin. He was stuck in Italy with- out any money. 3. to push something into something He stuck his hand into the hole. She stuck her finger in the jam to taste it. She stuck the ticket into her bag. She stuck a needle into her finger. 4. to stay in a place Stick close to your mother and you won’t get lost. to stick together to stay together If we stick together they should let us into the club. to stick to your guns to keep to your point of view even if everyone says you are wrong 5. to put up with I don’t know how she can stick working in that office. I’m going, I can’t stick it here any longer. (NOTE: sticking – stuck )


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level