What is Screen ?

Screen is (noun) 1. a flat panel which acts as protection against something, e.g. draughts, fire or noise a screen deco- rated with flowers and birds The hedge acts as a screen against the noise from the motorway. 2. a flat glass surface on which a picture is shown a computer screen a TV screen I’ll call the information up on the screen. 3. a flat white surface for projecting films or pictures a cinema complex with four screens We’ll put up the screen on the stage.(verb) 1. to protect someone or some- thing from something, e.g. draughts, fire or noise They planted a row of trees to screen the farm buildings. Part of the room was screened off. Put the umbrella up to screen us from the sun. 2. to show a film in a cinema or on TV Tonight’s film will be screened half an hour later than advertised. 3. to con- sider or investigate people, such as candi- dates for a job, before making a final choice Applicants will be screened before being invited to an interview. to screen people for a disease to examine a lot of people to see if they have a disease All women over 40 should be screened for cervical cancer.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level