What is Scratch ?

Scratch is (noun) 1. a long wound on the skin Put some antiseptic on the scratches on your arms. without a scratch with no injuries He came out of the car crash without a scratch. 2. a long mark made by a sharp point I will never be able to cover up the scratches on the car door. 3. to start from scratch to start something new without any preparation up to scratch of the right quality The recording was not up to scratch.(verb) 1. to make a long wound on the skin His legs were scratched by the bushes along the path. to scratch the sur- face to deal with a problem superficially and not to get down to the details 2. to make a mark on something with a sharp point I must touch up the car where it has been scratched. 3. to rub a part of the body which itches with your fingernails He scratched his head as he wondered what to do next. Stop scratching – it will make your rash worse! 4. to remove your name from a list of competitors One of the players scratched at the last minute.(adj) collected at the last minute Our opponents were a scratch side from the nearby village.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level