What is Score ?

Score is (noun) 1. the number of goals or points made in a match The final score in the rugby match was 22-10. I didn’t see the beginning of the match – what’s the score? what’s the score? what is the news? (informal.) I know the score I know all the problems involved (informal.) 2. twenty three score years and ten seventy years (literary) 3. scores of many Scores of people stayed at home during the train strike. I must have seen that film scores of times. 4. written music He composed the score for the musical. 5. to settle old scores to take revenge for things that hap- pened a long time ago(verb) 1. to make a goal or point in a match They scored three goals in the first twenty minutes. She scored sixty-five! 2. to arrange music for cer- tain instruments a piece scored for piano and three violins 3. to scratch a flat surface Score the surface of the wood with a sharp knife so that the glue will hold better.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level