What is Scoop ?

Scoop is (noun) 1. a deep round spoon with a short handle, for serving soft food such as ice cream You must wash the scoop each time you use it. 2. a portion of soft food such as ice cream I’ll have one scoop of strawberry and one scoop of vanilla, please. 3. an exciting news story which a reporter is the first to find or which no other newspaper has reported He came back from the visit to the footballer’s girlfriend with a scoop.(verb) 1. to cut something out with a scoop He scooped out a helping of mashed potato. to scoop out the inside of something to remove the inside of something with some- thing such as a spoon Scoop out the inside of a melon. 2. to lift something or someone up, as with a scoop She scooped up the ba- bies into her arms and ran upstairs. He scooped all the newspapers off the floor. 3. to scoop a newspaper to report a news item before another paper does They scooped their rivals with the story of the minister’s girlfriend.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level