What is Schedule ?

Schedule is (noun) 1. a timetable, a plan of times drawn up in advance He has a busy schedule of appointments. Her personal assistant tried to fit me into her schedule. to be ahead of schedule to be early The building of the hotel was completed ahead of schedule. to be on schedule to be on time The flight is on schedule. to be behind schedule to be late I am sorry to say that we are three months behind schedule. 2. a list of times of depar- ture and arrival of forms of transport such as trains, planes or coaches The summer schedules have been published. 3. a programme or list of events the schedule of events for the music festival 4. a list, espe- cially of documents attached to a contract the schedule of territories to which an insur- ance policy applies Please find enclosed our schedule of charges.(verb) 1. to put something on an official list See the list of scheduled prices. The house has been scheduled as an ancient monument. 2. to ar- range the times for something The building is scheduled for completion in May. The flight is scheduled to arrive at six o’clock. We have scheduled the meeting for Tuesday morning.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level