What is Scent ?

Scent is (noun) 1. a pleasant smell of something which you can recognise the scent of roses in the cottage garden 2. per- fume That new scent of yours makes me sneeze. 3. a smell on the scent of follow- ing a trail left by The dogs followed, on the scent of the robbers. to put someone off the scent to give someone wrong informa- tion so as to mislead them She tried to put the reporters off the scent by saying that her husband had gone into hospital.(verb) 1. to give something a pleasant smell The lava- tory cleaner is scented with pine. 2. to dis- cover something by smelling Dogs can scent rabbits in holes in the ground. 3. to be- gin to feel that something exists The team raced forward, scenting victory. (NOTE: Do not confuse with cent, sent.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level