What is Scale ?

Scale is (noun) 1. a proportion used to show a large object in a smaller form a map with a scale of 1 to 100,000 a scale model of the new town centre development The architect’s design is drawn to scale. 2. a measuring system which is graded into vari- ous levels The Richter scale is used to measure earthquakes. 3. large scale, small scale working with large or small amounts of things such as investment or staff to start in business on a small scale to start in busi- ness with a small staff, few products, little capital 4. a thin plate protecting the skin of fish and snakes Don’t forget to scrape the scales off the sardines before you grill them. 5. a series of musical notes arranged in a ris- ing or falling order She practises her scales every morning.(verb) 1. to climb up some- thing Six climbers tried to scale the north face of the mountain. 2. to scale up, to scale down to increase or to reduce in pro- portion Not enough students have passed the exam, so the marks will have to be scaled up. The company is scaling down its opera- tions in Bangkok.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level