What is Save ?

Save is (noun) (in football.) the act of stopping the ball from going into the net The goalkeeper made a brilliant save, and the result was that the match was drawn.(verb) 1. to stop someone from being hurt or killed The firefighters saved six people from the burning house. How many pas- sengers were saved when the ferry sank? she saved my life she helped me and pre- vented me from being killed 2. to stop some- thing from being damaged We managed to save most of the paintings from the fire. 3. to keep things such as money, food or other ar- ticles so that you can use them later If you save £10 a week, you’ll have £520 at the end of a year. They save old pieces of bread to give to the ducks in the park. He saves bits of string in case he may need them later. 4. not to waste something such as time or money By walking to work, he saves £25 a week in bus fares. She took the parcel her- self so as to save the cost of postage. If you have your car serviced regularly it will save you a lot of expense in the future. Going by air saves a lot of time. 5. to store data on a computer disk Don’t forget to save your files when you have finished working on them. 6. (in football.) to stop an opponent from scoring The goalkeeper saved two goals. prep, conj except for Everyone was there, save Richard, who was ill.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level