What is Sale ?

Sale is (noun) 1. the act of selling, the act of giving an item or doing a service in ex- change for money The sale of the house produced £200,000. The shop only opened this morning and we’ve just made our first sale. 2. an occasion when things are sold at cheaper prices There’s a sale this week in the department store along the High Street. I bought these plates for £1 in a sale. The sale price is 50% of the normal price. 3. for sale ready to be sold These items are not for sale to the general public. The of- fice building is for sale at £1m. I noticed there was a ‘for sale’ sign outside her house. to offer something for sale, to put some- thing up for sale to announce that something is ready to be sold They put the factory up for sale.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level