What is Salary ?

Salary is (noun) payment for work, made to an employee with a contract of em- ployment, especially in a professional or of- fice job She started work at a low salary, but soon went up the salary scale. The company froze all salaries for a six-month period. I expect a salary increase as from next month. Synonym income her basic salary is £20,000 her normal salary without extra payments is £20,000 COMMENT: In Britain and the USA, salaries are usually paid monthly but are quoted in annual terms. So you say ‘her salary is £20,000’, ‘the job carries a salary of $50,000’. Although bonuses are paid, a reg- ular extra month’s salary at Christmas (the ‘thirteenth month’ in some European coun- tries) is not common in Britain or the USA.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level