What is Sake?

Sake is (noun) 1. for the sake of something, for something’s sake for certain reasons or purposes, because of something The muggers killed the old lady, just for the sake of £20. For the sake of decency, she wrapped a towel round herself. He’s not really hungry, he’s just eating for eating’s sake. They gave the children sweets, just for the sake of a little peace and quiet. for the sake of someone, for someone’s sake because you want to help someone or to please someone, because you think someone needs something Will you come to the party for my sake? The president decided to resign for the sake of the country. for old times’ sake in order to remember how good the old times were Let’s have a meal together for old times’ sake. for heaven’s sake, for goodness’ sake used for showing you are annoyed, or that something is impor- tant What are you screaming for? – It’s only a little mouse, for heaven’s sake. For goodness’ sake try to be quiet, we don’t want the guards to hear us! 2. a Japanese rice wine We had a glass of sake with our meal.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level