What is Sail ?

Sail is (noun) 1. a piece of cloth which catches the wind and drives a boat along The wind dropped so they lowered the sail and started to row. They hoisted the sail and set out across the Channel. 2. to set sail to leave by boat They set sail for France. 3. a trip in a boat They went for a sail down the Thames. (NOTE: Do not con- fuse with sale.)(verb) 1. to travel on water The ship was sailing towards the rocks. We were sailing east. He was the first per- son to sail across the Atlantic single-handed. She’s planning to sail round the world. 2. to travel in a sailing boat He was the first person to sail alone across the Atlantic. She’s planning to sail round the world. 3. to leave harbour The ferry sails at 12.00. 4. to travel smoothly The car just sailed along the motorway. It’s maddening to see a bus sail past just when you’re getting to the bus stop. to sail through something to pass an examination or test easily He sailed through his driving test.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level