What is Safe ?

Safe is (adj) 1. not in danger, not likely to be hurt In this cave, we should be safe from the thunderstorm. All the children are safe, but the school was burnt down. A building society account is a safe place for your money. Is it safe to touch this snake? It isn’t safe for women to go into the centre of town alone at night. 2. in safe hands in no danger The guide is very experienced, so we are in safe hands. safe and sound without being hurt or damaged We all ar- rived at our destination, safe and sound. The present reached me safe and sound, thanks to the efficiency of the post office. 3. certain, which you can rely on You will be fairly safe if you allow half an hour to get to Oxford Circus. to be on the safe side just in case, to be certain It should only take an hour to get to the airport, but let’s give our- selves an hour and a half, just to be on the safe side.(noun) a strong box for keeping things such as documents, money or jewels in Put your valuables in the hotel safe. The burglars managed to open the safe.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level