What is Saddle ?

Saddle is (noun) 1. a rider’s seat on a bicycle or motorbike She threw her leg across the saddle and settled herself behind him. My old saddle was very comfortable but this new one is harder. 2. a rider’s seat on a horse He leapt into the saddle and rode away. in the saddle in command She’s in the saddle now – you have to do what she says. 3. a cut of meat from the back of an ani- mal saddle of lamb(verb) 1. to put a sad- dle on a horse She quickly saddled her pony and rode off. 2. to saddle someone with something to give someone a difficult job or heavy responsibility He got saddled with the job of sorting out the rubbish in the loft. Don’t saddle me with all your problems!


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level