What is Rise ?

Rise is (noun) 1. a movement or slope upwards There is a gentle rise until you get to the top of the hill. Salaries are increasing to keep up with the rise in the cost of living. The recent rise in interest rates has made mortgages more expensive. 2. to give rise to something to make something happen (formal.) The news gave rise to rumours about a coup. (verb) 1. to go up The sun always rises in the east. The road rises steeply for a few miles. Prices have been rising steadily all year. If you open the oven door, the cake won’t rise properly. to rise to the occasion to perform well because of a special occasion My mother really rose to the occasion and provided a splendid meal. 2. to get up, to get out of bed or out of a chair He always rises early. 3. to stop being in session The court rose at one o’clock. (NOTE: rising rose has risen )


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level