What is Right ?

Right is (adj) 1. not wrong, correct She didn’t put the bottles back in the right place. You’re right the Number 8 bus doesn’t go to Marble Arch. She gave the right answer every time. He says the answer is 285. Quite right! Is the station clock right? Is this the right train for Manchester? all right 2. not left, referring to the hand which most people use to write with In England cars don’t drive on the right side of the road. The keys are in the top right drawer of my desk. He was holding the suitcase in his right hand. 3. (in politics) referring to the conservatives He’s on the right wing of the party. His politics are right of centre. 4. on the right side of forty less than forty years old (informal.) He’s not that old He’s still on the right side of fifty. (noun) 1. what is correct, not wrong in the right correct, which should not be criticised She was proved to be in the right. 2. the side opposite to the left When driving in France remember to keep to the right. When you get to the next crossroads, turn to the right. Who was that girl sitting on the right of your father? Go straight ahead, and take the second road on the right. 3. being legally entitled to do or to have something The accused has the right to remain silent. The manager has no right to read my letters. The staff have a right to know why the shop is closing down. rights 4. the right (in politics) the political group supporting traditional values and rights We support the right by campaigning for our local Conservative candidate. a swing to the right a movement of votes towards the right-wing candidates (adv) 1. straight Instead of stopping at the crossroads, he drove right on across the main road. To get to the police station, keep right on to the end of the road, and then turn left. Go right along to the end of the corridor, you’ll see my office in front of you. 2. right (away) immediately They called the ambulance right after the accident. The ambulance came right away. right now at this particular point in time Right now, it is not possible for me to answer reporters’ questions. 3. exactly The pub is right at the end of the road. The phone rang right in the middle of the TV programme. She stood right in front of the TV and no one could see the screen. 4. correctly She guessed the answer right. Everything is going right for her. it serves you right you deserve what has happened to you (informal.) 5. towards the right-hand side To get to the station, turn right at the traffic lights. Children should be taught to look right and left before crossing the road. (verb) to right a wrong to correct something which is wrong She campaigned to right the wrongs done to single mothers. (interj) agreed, OK Right, so we all meet again at 7 o’clock?


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level