What is revision?

revision meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

Text that has been altered by the original author, or by another writer, usually to correct, amend, update, or otherwise improve it (see this example). In books, the result may be published as a revised edition. Compare with rewrite.In Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), the published result of editorial work that changes the text of any class of the schedules. Three degrees of revision are recognized:

Routine revisionUpdates terminology, clarifies notes, provides modest expansions of existing notation
Extensive revision – Major reworking of subdivisions, but basic outline of the schedule is left intact
Complete revision (formerly called a phoenix) – Base numbers remain the same as in previous edition, but virtually all subdivisions are altered

In an extensive or complete revision, changes are indicated in comparative and equivalence tables, rather than by the addition of relocation notes in the affected schedule or table.Also, a change made in Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules by the Joint Committee for Revision of AACR2 (JSC) as the result of a formal rule revision process.


reference: ABC-CLIO