What is Race ?

Race is (noun) 1. a competition to see which person, animal or vehicle is the fastest She was second in the 200 metres race. The bicycle race goes round the whole country. race against time to have difficulty in getting something finished on time They tried to block the hole in the sea wall but with the high tide rising it was a race against time. boat race 2. one of the large groups into which people are divided, according to features such as the colour of their skin or hair The government is trying to stamp out discrimination on grounds of race. They are prejudiced against people of mixed race. (verb) 1. to compete in a race I’ll race you to see who gets to school first. 2. to run fast They saw the bus coming and raced to the bus stop. He snatched some watches from the shop window and then raced away down the street.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level