What is Quarrel ?

Quarrel is (noun) an argument They have had a quarrel and aren’t speaking to each other. I think the quarrel was over who was in charge of the cash desk. to pick a quarrel with someone to start an argument with someone It was very embarrassing when my father picked a quarrel with the waiter over the bill. to patch up a quarrel to settle an argument After several months of arguing they finally patched up their quarrel. to have no quarrel with someone or something not to have any reason to complain about someone or something I have no quarrel with the idea of women priests. (verb) 1. to quarrel about or over something to argue about something They’re always quarrelling over money. 2. to disagree with someone I don’t quarrel with your figures. (NOTE: quarrelling quarrelled. The US spelling is quarreling quarreled.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level