Protective Action Guide (PAG):

What is Protective Action Guide (PAG):?

Protective Action Guide (PAG): meaning in Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
A PAG is defined in the EPA PAG Manual as the projected dose to an individual from a release of radioactive material at which a specific “protective action” to reduce or avoid that dose is recommended . (See PAG Manual Section 2.3 for a discussion of projected dose.) PAGs are guides to help officials select protective actions under emergency conditions during which exposures would occur for relatively short time periods. They are not meant to be applied as strict numeric criteria, but rather as guidelines to be considered in the context of incident- specific factors . PAGs do not establish an acceptable level of risk for normal, non-emergency conditions, nor do they represent the boundary between safe and unsafe conditions. The PAGs are not legally binding regulations or standards and do not supersede any environmental laws . (Source: Protective Action Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Emergencies (EPA PAG Manual, November 2016) (PDF – 1.27 MB) )