problem patron

What is problem patron?

problem patron meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A user whose behavior disrupts the normal functioning of a library, for example, one whose actions annoy others (staring, harassment, talking on cell phones), who exhibits aberrant behavior (mental and/or emotional disturbances, influence of drugs or alcohol, etc.), who engages in illegal activities (vandalism, theft, sex offenses), or who uses the library for purposes other than reading and study (socializing, soliciting, sleeping, bathing). Most larger libraries in the United States have installed security systems to prevent theft. Public libraries plagued with chronic problem behavior may hire a security guard to monitor the premises during hours when the library is open. Academic libraries rely on campus police when necessary. Synonymous with difficult patron. Euphemism: atypical patron. See also: homeless patron, latchkey child and pyro-patron.


reference: ABC-CLIO