What is Print ?

Print is (noun) 1. a mark made on something The print of a dinosaur’s foot has been preserved in this rock. The police examined the tyre prints left by the vehicle. 2. letters printed on a page I can’t read this book the print is too small. the small print, the fine print the conditions on a contract, usually printed in very small letters Don’t forget to check the fine print before you sign the contract. 3. a picture or photograph which has been printed The print is very blurred. I’m going to have some more prints made of this photo. (verb) 1. to mark letters or pictures on paper with a machine, and so produce a book, leaflet or newspaper etc. The book is printed directly from a computer disk. We had five hundred copies of the leaflet printed. 2. to write capital letters or letters which are not joined together Print your name in the space below. 3. to reproduce an image We printed the picture of the castle on our T-shirts.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level