What is Post ?

Post is (noun) 1. a long piece of wood or metal put in the ground The fence is attached to concrete posts. His shot hit the post. 2. a job He applied for a post in the sales department. We have three posts vacant. They advertised the post in ‘The Times’. 3. letters and parcels sent The morning post comes around nine o’clock. There were no cheques in this morning’s post. Has the post arrived yet? to open the post to open the envelopes and parcels which have arrived She usually opens the post before the rest of the staff arrive. 4. the system of sending letters and parcels It is easier to send the parcel by post than to deliver it by hand. 5. a place where a sentry is on duty He was accused of having left his post. 6. a small settlement far from civilisation He was sent to a little trading post in the north of Canada. 7. the last post a bugle call to commemorate the dead (verb) 1. to send a letter or parcel Don’t forget to post your Christmas cards. The letter should have arrived by now we posted it ten days ago. to keep someone posted to keep someone informed Please keep us posted about your holiday arrangements. 2. to send someone to another place, often overseas, to work He was posted to an air base in East Anglia. She has been posted overseas. (NOTE: Referring to the postal services, American English only uses mail where British English uses both mail and post.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level