What is Plan ?

Plan is (noun) 1. an organised way of doing things He made a plan to get up earlier in future. She drew up plans for the village fete. according to plan in the way it was arranged The party went off according to plan. 2. a drawing of the way something is arranged Here are the plans for the kitchen. The fire exits are shown on the plan of the office. (verb) 1. to arrange how you are going to do something She’s busy planning her holiday in Greece. 2. to intend to do something They are planning to move to London next month. We weren’t planning to go on holiday this year. I plan to take the 5 o’clock flight to New York. 3. to arrange how to build something She planned the bathroom herself. A new town is being planned next to the airport. (NOTE: planning planned)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level