What is Low ?

Low is (adj) 1. not high, with little height She hit her head on the low branch. The town is surrounded by low hills. We shop around to find the lowest prices. The engine works best at low speeds. The temperature here is too low for oranges to grow. Sales were lower in December than in November. 2. feeling extremely sad and unhappy She was very low when I saw her last. 3. quiet He said a few words in a low voice. 4. not favourable He has a low opinion of the boss. (NOTE: lower – lowest) (adv) towards the bottom; not high up The plane was flying too low – it hit the trees. supplies are running low supplies are becoming scarce. lie low (noun) a point where something is very small Sales have reached a new low. (prefix) with not much of low-calorie diet food or drink containing very few calories She’s on a low-calorie diet. (verb) (of a cow) to make a noise The cows were lowing in the field.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level