What is Lose ?

Lose is (verb) 1. to put or drop something somewhere and not to know where it is I can’t find my wallet – I think I lost it on the train. If you lose your ticket you’ll have to buy another one. 2. not to have something any longer We lost money on the lottery. to lose interest not to be interested in something any more to lose weight to get thinner She doesn’t eat potatoes as she’s trying to lose weight. the clock loses 10 minutes every day it falls 10 minutes behind the correct time every day to lose sight of not to see something any longer We lost sight of her in the crowd. to lose your temper to become angry He lost his temper when they told him there was no room in the hotel. to lose time to waste time, not to do something quickly enough Don’t lose any time in posting the letter. to lose your way to end up not knowing where you are They lost their way in the fog on the mountain. heart 3. not to win We lost the match 10 – 0. Did you win? – No, we lost. (NOTE: losing – lost )


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level