What is Look ?

Look is (noun) 1. the act of seeing something with your eyes Have a good look at this photograph and tell me if you recognise anyone in it. We only had time for a quick look round the town. 2. the way someone or something appears There is a French look about her clothes. 3. a search for something We had a good look for the ring and couldn’t find it anywhere. (verb) 1. to turn your eyes towards something I want you to look carefully at this photograph. Look in the restaurant and see if there are any tables free. If you look out of the office window you can see our house. He opened the lid of the box and looked inside. 2. to look someone in the eye to look straight at someone in a confident way He didn’t dare look me in the eye. don’t look a gift horse in the mouth don’t criticise something which someone has given you for free 3. to appear to be Those pies look good. I went to see her in hospital and she looks worse. Is he only forty? – he looks much older than that. It looks as if it may snow. 4. used as an interjection Look! if we don’t sort this out now, we’ll never do it.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level