What is Load ?

Load is (noun) 1. heavy objects which are carried in a vehicle such as truck The lorry delivered a load of bricks. 2. a responsibility, thing which is difficult to live with that’s a load off my mind I feel much less worried I’ve finished my exams – that’s a load off my mind. 3. loads of plenty, lots of (informal.) It was a wonderful party – there was loads to eat. You don’t need to rush – there’s loads of time before the train leaves. John always has loads of good ideas. (verb) 1. to put something, especially some thing heavy, into or on to a vehicle such as a truck or van They loaded the furniture into the van. 2. to put bullets into a gun, or a film into a camera They loaded their guns and hid behind the wall. 3. to put a program into a computer Load the word-processing program before you start keyboarding.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level