What is List ?

List is (noun) 1. a number of things such as names or addresses, written or said one after another We’ve drawn up a list of people to invite to the party. He was ill, so we crossed his name off the list. The names on the list are in alphabetical order. to be on the sick list to be reported sick to be on the danger or critical list to be dangerously ill After the accident, she was on the critical list for some hours. 2. a book or document containing information in the form of a list 3. a situation where a boat leans to one side The trawler had taken in water and had developed a 5 degrees list. (verb) 1. to say or to write a number of things one after the other The contents are listed on the label. She listed the ingredients on the back of an envelope. The catalogue lists twenty-three models of washing machine. 2. (of a ship) to lean to one side The ship was listing badly and the crew had to be taken off by helicopter.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level