What is Line ?

Line is (noun) 1. a long thin mark She drew a straight line across the sheet of paper. Parking isn’t allowed on yellow lines. The tennis ball went over the line. to draw the line at to refuse to do I don’t mind having a cup of coffee with the boss, but I draw the line at having to invite him for a meal at home. 2. a long string She hung her washing on the (washing) line. He sat with his fishing line in the river, waiting for a fish. 3. a wire along which telephone messages are sent The snow brought down the telephone lines. Can you speak louder – the line is bad. to be on the line to be talking to someone on the telephone Don’t interrupt – I’m on the line to New York. Do you want to speak to Charles while he’s on the line? 4. a long row of people or things We had to stand in (a) line for half an hour to get into the exhibition. The line of lorries stretched for miles at the frontier. 5. a row of written or printed words He printed the first two lines and showed them to me. Can you read the bottom line on the chart? to drop someone a line to send someone a short letter (informal.) I’ll drop you a line when I get to New York. 6. lines words learnt and then spoken by an actor He forgot his lines and had to be prompted. 7. a way of doing things in line with according to We acted in line with the decision taken at the meeting. to take a hard line not to be weak The headmaster takes a hard line with boys who sell drugs in the playground. 8. a type of work What’s his line of business? 9. a series of different products, all sold or made by the same company We sell several lines of refrigerators. I’m afraid we don’t stock that line any more. (verb) 1. to stand side by side in a line Soldiers were lining the streets. 2. to put a lining inside something, especially a piece of clothing His jacket is lined with red silk.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level