What is Like ?

Like is (adj) similar, nearly the same sociology, psychology and like subjects. Antonym dissimilar (prep) 1. similar to, in the same way as What’s that record? – it sounds like Elgar. He’s like his mother in many ways, but he has his father’s nose. Like you, I don’t get on with the new boss. The picture doesn’t look like him at all. He can swim like a fish. It tastes like strawberries. it feels like snow it feels as if it is going to snow do you feel like a cup of coffee? do you want a cup of coffee? 2. asking someone to describe something What was the weather like when you were on holiday? What’s he like, her new boyfriend? (adv) as like as not probably As like as not, Dan will arrive late. (conj) in the same way as She looks just like I did at her age. (verb) 1. to have pleasant feelings about something or someone Do you like the new manager? She doesn’t like eating meat. How does he like his new job? No one likes driving in rush hour traffic. In the evening, I like to sit quietly and read the newspaper. 2. to want I’d like you to meet one of our sales executives. I’d like to go to Paris next week. Take as many apples as you like. (noun) 1. a thing which you like We try to take account of the likes and dislikes of individual customers. 2. the likes of someone like The likes of him should not be allowed in.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level