What is Light ?

Light is (noun) 1. brightness, the opposite of darkness I can’t read the map by the light of the moon. There’s not enough light to take a photo. to stand in someone’s light to stand between someone and where the light is coming from 2. an electric bulb which gives light Turn the light on – I can’t see to read. It’s dangerous to ride a bicycle with no lights. In the fog, I could just see the red lights of the car in front of me. there’s light at the end of the tunnel there is some hope that everything will be all right (informal.) 3. a way of making something such as a cigarette start to burn Can you give me a light? or do you have a light? 4. to cast or throw light on something to make something easier to understand The papers throw light on how the minister reached his decision. to come to light to be discovered Documents have come to light which could help the police in their investigations. in the light of something when something is considered In the light of the reports in the press, can the minister explain his decision? (verb) 1. to start to burn, to make something start to burn He is trying to get the fire to light. Can you light the candles on the birthday cake? He couldn’t get the fire to light. Light a candle – it’s dark in the cellar. 2. to give light to something The full moon lit the village, so we could see the church clearly. Floodlights were brought in to light the accident site. (NOTE: lighting – lit ) (adj) 1. not heavy I can lift this box easily – it’s quite light or it’s as light as a feather. You need light clothing for tropical countries. She’s just been ill, and can only do light work. 2. pale He was wearing a light green shirt. I prefer a light carpet to a dark one. 3. having a lot of light so that you can see well The big windows make the kitchen very light. It was six o’clock in the morning and just getting light. 4. not very serious I like to listen to light music when I am doing the cooking. She took some detective novels as light reading on the train. (NOTE: lighter – lightest) (adv) to travel light to travel with very little luggage If you’re hitching across Australia, it’s best to travel light.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level