What is indexing?

indexing meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

The process of compiling one or more indexes for a single publication, such as a monograph or multivolume reference work, or adding entries for new documents to an open-end index covering a particular publication format (example: newspapers), works of a specific literary form (biography, book reviews, etc.), or the literature of an academic field, discipline, or group of disciplines.The professionally trained indexer reads or scans the text of each document to determine its content, then selects appropriate headings (names, places, subjects) to facilitate retrieval. Cross-references are made from synonyms, and the entries are arranged in the desired sequence (alphabetical, numerical, classified, etc.). In an open-end index, content descriptors are usually selected from a list of preferred terms (controlled vocabulary), developed over time by the indexing service. Indexing can be pre-coordinate or post-coordinate. See also: assignment indexing, automatic indexing, derivative indexing, indexable matter, machine-aided indexing, and string indexing.


reference: ABC-CLIO