Inchcape Rock

What is Inchcape Rock?

Inchcape Rock meaning Also known as Bell Rock, is a sandstone reef off the Angus (East) coast of Scotland, about 11 miles Southeast of Arbroath and about 20 miles due East of Dundee The reef extends 700 yards and is covered at high water. Only a few feet is visible at low water. The area around the rock was the scene of multiple shipwrecks during a gale in 1799. No fewer than 70 vessels were wrecked nearby or on the rock during that gale. As a result of this disaster a 100 foot tower was built on the rock in 1812. Previously the rock had been marked by a bell. The rock is the subject of a ballad called ‘The Ballad Of The Inchcape Rock’ written by Robert Southey.


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