What is Hadji/Haji?

Hadji/Haji meaning in Military or Military Slang terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
(U.S.) A general term used to describe Middle Easterners during the first Gulf War and subsequently during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (Usually describing a friendly Iraqi/Afghan). Same as Habib–refers to people native to the Middle Eastern countries, India, and Egypt. Somewhat pejorative or dismissive. Considered by some as a racist remark, and has thus. fallen under scrutiny. Also used to refer to local markets where servicemen can acquire cheap goods, possibly of dubious. authenticity. Originates from an Arabic term of honor for a Muslim who has completed the Hajj to Mecca. Possibly from the Indian character Hadji in the 60s adventure cartoon “The Adventures of Jonny Quest”.


reference: Glossary of military slang