What is gift?

gift meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

One or more books or other items donated to a library, usually by an individual but sometimes by a group, organization, estate, or other library. In academic libraries, desk copies and review copies are sometimes received as gifts from members of the teaching faculty. Most gifts of materials are unsolicited and arrive unexpectedly, but gift collections may also be solicited by the library. Donated items are usually evaluated in accordance with the library’s collection development policy and either added to the collection or disposed of, usually in a book sale or exchange with another library. Click here to see a miniature of Dirk II, Count of Holland, and his wife bestowing a 9th-century Gospel book on the Abbey of Egmond, courtesy of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. Compare with donation. See also: gift book program.


reference: ABC-CLIO