What is Freeze ?

Freeze is (verb) 1. to change from liquid to solid because of the cold The winter was mild and for the first time ever the river did not freeze over. It’s so cold that the lake has frozen solid. 2. to become very cold The forecast is that it will freeze tonight. 3. to make food very cold so that it does not decay We froze the raspberries we picked this morning. 4. to freeze to death to die of cold She went out into the snow and froze to death. 5. to keep money or costs, etc., at their present level and not allow them to rise We have frozen salaries at last year’s level. 6. to freeze a bank account to issue a court order stopping anyone from using their own bank account, especially preventing them from taking money out 7. to stay very still When they heard the police car coming, they froze. (NOTE: freezing froze has frozen) (noun) 1. a period when it is very cold Do you remember the great freeze in the winter of 1980? 2. wages and prices freeze or a freeze on wages and prices a period when wages and prices are not allowed to be increased


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level