What is Free ?

Free is (adj) 1. not busy; not occupied Will you be free next Tuesday? There is a table free in the corner of the restaurant. Do you have any free time next week? 2. not costing any money Send in four tokens from cereal boxes and you can get a free toy. I got a free ticket for the exhibition. free gift a present given by a shop to a customer who buys a certain amount of goods There is a free gift worth £25 to any customer buying a washing machine. 3. able to do what you want; not forced to do anything He’s free to do what he wants. It’s a free country. 4. to be free from or of something to be without something unpleasant The country has been declared free of disease. free of charge with no payment to be made. duty free 5. not in prison, not in a cage After six years in prison he’s a free man again. to set free to allow someone to leave prison, or to let an animal out of a cage The young birds were raised in the zoo and then set free in the wild. (verb) 1. to release someone who is trapped It took the fire service some time to free the passengers in the bus. 2. to let someone out of prison, or an animal out of a cage The crowd stormed the jail and freed the prisoners. (adv) 1. without having to pay Children are admitted free. 2. not in a cage; not attached Lions roam free in the park. to pull something free to pull something so that it is no longer held tight


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level