What is Form ?

Form is (noun) 1. a shape a decoration in the form of a ring 2. a paper with blank spaces which you have to write in 3. a state or condition Their team wasn’t in top form and lost. in good form in a good mood; very amusing She’s in good form today. off form or out of form not performing very well He’s off form at the moment he needs more practice. 4. a class, usually in a secondary school She’s in the top form. (verb) 1. to make The children formed a circle. Form a queue here, please. 2. formed of made of The team is formed of ex-students. 3. to organise or start something The factory decided to form a football team. They got together and formed a club. 4. to start to exist Ice formed on the car windows.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level