What is Fork ?

Fork is (noun) 1. an object with a handle at one end and several sharp points at the other, used for picking things up, especially when eating Don’t try to eat Chinese food with a knife and fork. It’s polite to use a fork to eat cake don’t use your fingers. 2. a Y-shaped road junction, or one of the roads leading from it Take the left fork towards the castle and our house is on the right. 3. a place where a branch joins a tree trunk (verb) 1. to turn off a road Fork left at the next crossroads. 2. to split into two parts The railway line forks at Crewe and one branch goes to the coast. 3. to fork out to pay for something, usually unwillingly (informal.) She didn’t bring any money, so I had to fork out for the whole meal.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level