What is Foot ?

Foot is (noun) 1. the end part of your leg on which you stand She has very small feet. Watch out, you trod on my foot! on foot walking to find your feet to become confident (informal.) She’s been with us three months now and has really found her feet. to put your foot in it to say something embarrassing He really put his foot in it when he said that the mayor’s wife was fat. to put your feet up to rest; to retire from work. wrong 2. the bottom part; the end There is a door at the foot of the stairs. There are traffic lights at the foot of the hill. Sign the document at the foot of the page. 3. a measurement of how long something is (= 12 inches or approximately 30 cm) The table is four foot or four feet long. She’s almost six foot tall. I’m five foot seven (5’7). inch (NOTE: The plural is feet. As a measurement foot often has no plural form: six foot tall; three foot wide. With numbers foot is also often written with the symbol ‘: a 6′ ladder; he is 5’ 6: say ‘he’s five foot six’.) (verb) to foot the bill to pay the bill I found I had to foot the bill for the Christmas party. to put your foot down 1. to say firmly that something is not allowed You must put your foot down and stop this habit of everyone arriving late. 2. to make a car go faster The taxi driver put his foot down and got us to the airport in time.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level